Peoria Music Academy Selected as Finalist for 2022 National Music School of the Year

Arizona Music School Honored With National Nomination

Peoria, AZ: Peoria Music Academy is one of 8 schools in the nation to be nominated for the 2022 National Music School of the Year award. With hundreds of schools competing for the nomination, this award is a recognition of the school’s significant contributions to the industry.

The school’s director, Bobby Flanagan, sees the award as a gracious compliment, “We are thankful to our clients that have stuck with us through these hard times. To be nominated for this award after growing through the recent few years feels like an immense accomplishment.” The school will present on April 5th 2022, where they will compete with the other 7 schools for the big award.

Peoria Music Academy’s mission is to help Peoria students explore and develop their musical talents, wherever their curiosity and interests lead them. They aim to provide an uplifting educational environment designed to foster creativity, confidence and joy. Director Bobby Flanagan says, “The ability to play an instrument or sing beautifully offers a lifetime of benefits. Music lessons also foster a student’s personal, social, and academic development. We’ve made substantial investments in our facilities and elite faculty to ensure students love their time spent learning about the wonder of music.”

About Peoria Music Academy: Peoria Music Academy is Peoria, Arizona’s largest music school, teaching almost 600 students of all ages and experience levels. Established in 2017, the family-owned business provides music lessons for all instruments in private and semi-private classes at two locations. Lessons are also taught remotely online, accessible to students from all over the world. PMA accepts new students at any time of year and offers lessons on a month-to-month basis six days a week. Their teachers are experienced and dedicated to providing their students the most quality music education possible. They are one of the only music schools in Peoria that offer two recitals a year at professional venues to give students the ability to showcase their growth. With performing opportunities, fun events such as a picture day, and the best music education possible, Peoria Music Academy shines as the music school of choice for more than 500 families.