Become a VIP with PMA!

It’s time to become a VIP with Peoria Music Academy!

In addition to high-quality music lessons, our new VIP plan includes additional benefits such as:

  • FLEX PASSES: Schedule a private make up with your teacher instead of the normal group make up classes once per quarter. ($139 value!)
  • FREE EVENTS: Attend additional events such as Friday Fun Nights and Master Classes at no cost. ($100 value!)
  • PHOTO DAY: Get professional headshots taken with your instrument. ($50 value!)
  • RECITAL VIP ACCESS: Sign up for recitals before everyone else to secure the best time.
  • BRING A FRIEND: Invite someone to join your lesson once per quarter. ($99 value!)
  • VIP DISCOUNTS: 5% off all PMA Merchandise AND 25% Summer Camp & Early Registration ($75 value!)

At only $199.00 per month, our VIP plan maximizes your musical experience at Peoria Music Academy, and you can contact us today to get enrolled and start getting the VIP treatment!

Musical Ladder Program

Is your student’s teacher taking advantage of the Musical Ladder program?

The Musical Ladder program is provides certificates, wristbands, and even trophies as physical incentives to show your student’s progress in their musical studies. Students of all ages enjoy having “milestones” to track their accomplishments which helps encourage engagement, attentiveness, and confidence!

Contact us if you’d like more information about Musical Ladder and to make sure your student is enrolled in this awesome program!

PMA 5th Anniversary Celebration!

With over 650 students in 2 locations, Peoria Music Academy has grown so much in 5 years!

To celebrate, we’re hosting a kid’s fun day where we will be partnering with local vendors, jamming to live music, and giving away awesome prizes. Come experience our musical petting zoo or get your face painted, grab a balloon animal, or trial a music lesson while you snack on some goodies!

Stay tuned for the day and time, because we’d love to have you there to celebrate with us!

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Thank You!

Thanks to our amazing PMA families for your generosity for our Toys for Tots outreach! We truly appreciate you spreading the love to all the children of our community.
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Offering Sundays Soon!

We are soon going to be offering new lesson times on Sundays! Please contact the office if you are interested to receive more information about times and instruments offered.

Happy January Birthdays To....

Alex E.
Kammy N.
Nathalie P.
Alexis V.
Sophie L.
Joash E.
Natalia F.
Eshan K.
Lachlan A.
Logan G.
Laila L.
Hailey C.
Rushil G.
Trevor C.
Paree P.
Nattaly V.
Makenzie R.
Isabella C.
Isabela G.
Lorelei H.
Ramsey S.
Elle G.
Arabella L.
Ethan A.
Claire S.
Ryland L. I. D.
Arianna W.
Lillian Y.
Lucia P.
Jazleen P.
Paavani S.
Maizie C.
Rylee R.
Raegan W.
Elizabeth J.
Peighton F.
Noah S.
James O.
Jaxon F.
Avery S.
Sophia K.
Teagan H.
Eliana C.
Audrey B.
Mrs. Nicole
Mr. Brendan

Is Your Teacher SOLD OUT?

Many of our teachers who teach private lessons have sold out, meaning that they have a full schedule with no availability on certain days. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day, or time, please contact any of our office staff and they can add you to the waiting list. We also have availability for our awesome semi-private classes at Thunderbird, and it’s super easy to switch over!
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